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Hi there…my name is Dr. Frederick Neff. I am a sports psychologist. I have worked with athletes for over 25 years teaching them how to use their heads to perform better. I worked with the Boston Bruins for many of those 25 years teaching some of hockey’s greatest players, including Ray Bourque, how to have his head work for him in competition rather than against him. I will be appearing from time to time on this site to talk to you about how you too can improve your “mental game” just like the pros do.

Like your physical conditioning and your hockey skills, the mental skills take time to develop and this takes practice. I know, more practice, ugh… but you practice your slap shot, your puck passing, and your footwork. You lift weights, work on your cardio, and do skating drills until you are wasted. Why not spend some time learning how to:

  • Stay focused even when you’re struggling,
  • Maintain your energy level throughout the game,
  • Practice your wristers using mental pictures, or
  • How to keep the butterflies to a useful level?

These are some of the outcomes of learning and applying mental skills training. By the way, some of these skills can be very useful in your life away from hockey as well. Think about it!

It is most reassuring to know that when you are in the “big game” or when the try-outs are approaching, or the college scout is in the stands, or for that matter Dad is at your game, that you know that you can and will play your game your way with the confidence, purpose and fun of playing pond hockey.

Stay tuned for some more “HeadTalk” from the Doc.

If you are interested in discussing your “Head” issue with me, you can contact me here or on my website:

Use your Head to Stay in the Game.